Monday, May 24, 2010

Parmakelis et al. 2010 PLoS ONE

Anopheles immune genes and amino acid sites evolving under the effect of positive selection

Abstract- It has long been the goal of vector biology to generate genetic knowledge that can be used to "manipulate" natural populations of vectors to eliminate or lessen disease burden. While long in coming, progress toward reaching this goal has been made. Aiming to increase our understanding regarding the interaction between Plasmodium and the Anopheles immune genes, we investigate the patterns of genetic diversity of four anti-Plasmodium genes in the Anopheles gambiae complex of species.

A Parmakelis, M Moustaka, N Poulakakis, C Louis, MA Slotman, JC Marshall, PH Awono-Ambene, C Antonio-Nkondjio, F Simard, A Caccone, and JR Powell (2010) PLoS ONE 5:e8885